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This Special Interest Group is for professionals working in or with an interest in community corrections such as probation, parole, half-way houses, and day reporting centers.  
President's Council Report & Recommendations
Posted by: murrayellison ()
Date: March 25, 2010 01:57PM

CEA Forums Report 3/24/2010
Forums /Chair
Community Corrections, Chair-Murray Ellison
This Special Interest Group is for professionals working in or with an interest in community corrections such as probation, parole, half-way houses, and day reporting centers.
Comments/Recommendation: Chair retiring from position July, 2010.Combine with Parenting/ Transition SIG
English Language Learners – Chair Vacant
This SIG serves educators working with populations for whom English is not their primary language.
Comments Recommendation: Position Vacant. Combine with Juvenile SIG
Female Offenders Chair-Ambrose Richardson
This SIG discusses the issues facing female offenders in the criminal justice system with an emphasis on educational issues for this growing offender population.
Comments/Recommendations: Keep SIG & Chair

HELP-maintained by CEA Office
Use this forum to give and receive help. CEA should continue.
International, Chair – Cormac Behan
This SIG provides a forum for our members to discuss international trends and issues in the field of correctional education.
Comments Reports Need to Be Integrated to CEA Site

Jails- Chair Tim Lisante. This SIG discusses the issues and concerns of correctional educators working in short-term detention facilities.
Comments/Recommendations – Not likely Chair will continue next year. Combine with Parenting, Community and Transition SIG.

Juvenile Justice, BJ Berquist- Chair
This SIG is for educators working with juvenile populations. It provides information on resources for working with this population and updates on current trends.
Comments/Recommendation – Chair is very active with SIG and Taped-In. She is recommending promoting CEA SIG Facebook Page. Integrate ELL , Academics & Literacy SIG in Juvenile SIG

Legislative, Steve Steurer & Tracey Mumford Chairs
This SIG monitors activities on Capitol Hill and discusses current issues and trends that impact funding and legislative requirements for correctional education.
Comments/Recommendations: SIG is active, but has never posted results to SIG Discussion site. Continue SIG encouraging Chairs to post to site.

Libraries- Chair Vacant
This SIG provides a forum for librarians working in correctional facilities to exchange ideas and discuss current trends in correctional libraries.
Recommendations: Abandon Group- No Chair for about 3 years. Librarians have own groups.

Literacy & Academics- Chair Vacant
This SIG discusses current trends and issues related to literacy skills and education for correctional populations
Recommendation: Combine with Juvenile Group

Parenting- Chair- Jerry Bednarowski
The Parenting Special Interest Group is an organization of correctional educators, other correctional staff and individuals interested in promoting within correctional settings the development of Parenting classes, Father/Mother Support Groups, Parent/Child Book Projects, Parent Fairs, and other programs relating to positive parenting skills.
Comments/Recommendation: Very Active Chair and SIG for many years. Absorb Community Corrections and Transition into this SIG
Post-Secondary Education- Jeremiah Gee, Chair
This SIG is for discussing partnerships between higher education and correctional facilities. Teachers, students, and researchers are all encouraged to join. This SIG also serves to promote collaborations between college/university student organizations and local jails/prisons.
Comments/Recommendations: Continue group with present Chair. CEA should try to promote student college groups.

President's Council Chair Discussion Group-Chair Murray Ellison
This is a forum for the SIG Chairs to hold discussions that only other SIG chairs can view. It also has information pertaining to the new CEA State affiliations.
Comments/Recommendations: Present Chair retiring in July, 2010. Uncertain who will Chair in 2010?

Prison Arts- Chair-Vacant
This SIG provides a forum for educators teaching various arts programs in correctional facilities discussing ways that the arts enhance educational achievement.
Comments/Recommendations: This SIG has been vacant for more than 2 years. It should be consolidated with the Juvenile SIG.

Research, Evaluation & Training-
Chair – Eric Lichtenberger
This SIG provides a forum for administrators and professionals responsible for program evaluation and staff development to discuss issues and trends:
Comments/Recommendations: Retain Chair and SIG for future.

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