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The Transition / Re-Entry SIG Is dedicated to providing support to individuals preparing incarcerated and detained individuals to return to become productive members of their communities . Transitional professionals help prepare Transition Plans with their clients, including preparation for career development, continuing education, housing and participation in community services.  
Fair Shake is Doing Fine . . . Thank You
Date: January 13, 2018 03:10PM

Fair Shake is Doing Fine . . . Thank You

Sue Kastensen, Fair Shake Founder and Director, has announced that thanks to generous donations, Fair Shake not only ended 2017 in the black, but has ensured that the website will continue to be available through January of 2019!

The Fair Shake website is used by 1800 visitors each month (on average) and the software (the mirror-image of the website) is used by countless incarcerated people in approximately 100 institutions (countless because people move between institutions). Donations are the only financial support that allows Fair Shake to serve the 600,000+ people who come home from prison each year, in addition to the reentry stakeholders.

The Fair Shake donor group is comprised of 83 incarcerated donors and 42 non-incarcerated donors and Sue, donating the time and the space to hold the reentry community center together! So that website users and Fair Shake donors can more fully understand Fair Shake’s approach, Sue has decided to start a donor newsletter.

The newsletter will let donors know what their support is facilitating and help connect those who are committed to improving reentry success! In the monthly emails, Sue will share information she has learned through the ‘newsletter’ dialog that is shared with 950+ incarcerated readers, she will ask questions so readers can explore answers together and give updates on how Fair Shake is being utilized by institutions and much more.

Sue asks Fair Shake donors and users to contact her anytime with questions, concerns and suggestions at, As she notes, “We’re doing this together and I’m learning as I go . . .”

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