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ELL report for the CEA board
Posted by: Elise Leonard ()
Date: June 11, 2009 10:01AM

Things have been slow at the ELL forum, but in light of today's economy and educational overhaul, that is understandable. As educators get inundated with extra (new) requirements and adoptions, new standards, new forms to file, and added responsibilities, their time to do anything other than what is already demanded of them is limited. For many, educating their students and learners is key and comes first. The additional responsibilities hoisted upon them leaves little time for much else (like reach out to other educators or even sit and read a forum).

So it is understandable that this forum is slow. Fortunately, though, I have had many CEA members contact me one-on-one for advice on how to help a particular student, or with questions on what to offer their students to read to help build their skill level and fluency. I'm happy to report that the resulting feedback to my original suggestions is always positive.

I am glad that the ELL forum readers feel comfortable enough to reach out and contact me directly when they need answers, and I fully understand their hesitation to post their questions or concerns on an open forum where their supervisors might misinterpret their questions. To me, those that reach out are proving their dedication to helping their students find success. And ultimately, bottom line, it should always be about the learner. So I applaud those who take the initiative to reach out, and humbly thank them for reaching out to me.

I'll continue to serve those in the corrections field who are helping the low-literate, struggling and ELL learner in any way I possibly can. Keep those questions coming, folks, in any avenue that makes you comfortable. That's what I'm here for!

Sorry I'll miss you at this year's conference, all. I can't make it this year. But I'll be with you in spirit.


Elise Leonard
President, Nox Press
Executive Director, Literacy Essentials, Inc.

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