Correctional Education Association Scholarship

Revised December 2013

Effective with all applications received in the Executive Office after January 1, 2014

  1. Scholarship Requirements:
    1. To be nominated or be an applicant and receive a scholarship, the individual must be a voting member of the Correctional Education Association and have been a member for a minimum of two (2) years prior to application. The individual must also agree to maintain membership for two (2) years following completion of the scholarship.
    2. Two international scholarships per year may be awarded to correctional educators residing outside of the United States, who are affiliated with a correctional education organization.
    3. Current CEA Executive Board members may not apply for scholarship monies.
  1. Scholarship Uses:
    1. Attendance at Correctional Education Association Conferences or other professional meetings where a direct benefit to correctional education can be established.
    2. Enrollment in and successful completion of a course of study that directly benefits correctional education, i.e., an undergraduate or graduate course in correctional education or a course that would improve the delivery of correctional education programs and/or services.
    3. Research in issues or topics related to correctional education. Results are to be published or presented at a correctional education or correctional related conference or symposium.


  1. Completion Requirement:
    1. Proof of conference registration or meeting attendance along with a critique of the program, including its applicability to correctional education.
    2. Course work must be successfully completed.
    3. Research results are to be published or presented at a correctional education or correctional related conference or symposium.
    4. Scholarship awards must be completed in a pre-approved timeline. Extenuating circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the Committee.
  1. Scholarship Procedures:
    1. An application must be received by the CEA Executive Office and and the CEA National Secretary (Awards Committee Chair) at least ninety (90) days before the first day of planned participation of attendance, enrollment, or research is to commence. The application must include total costs and funding sources. Scholarships will be limited to expenses not reimbursable through other sources. The Awards Committee will determine the amount to be advanced and the schedule of advancement.
    2. The application format must be completed in full in order to be considered by the


Committee. The quality of the application will be taken into consideration.                          All acronyms must be written out the first time used.

    1. The applicant will be notified by letter of the Committee’s decision. The “Letter of Scholarship Award” will include the steps to receive and account for the funds along with a delineated timeline. A “Letter of Scholarship Denial” will include the reason(s) for the denial. An applicant may reapply with a revised application that addresses the denial or provides additional information. The re-application must meet the ninety (90) days prior to participation requirement.
    2. Scholarship recipients will be required to submit all receipts for the expenses related to the scholarship award. The award funds may be issued in advance of participation with a written request and documentation of expenses. Upon completion, a final expense report with receipts must be submitted to CEA.
    3. Within sixty days of the completion of the participation a report on the benefit of the scholarship must be submitted to CEA for potential use in publicity and report to the Executive Board.
    4. In order to receive a scholarship, the recipient must give permission to CEA for the use of the report at CEA’s discretion for publication and publicity.
    5. Scholarships may not be used for illegal activities or to purchase equipment. In the event this occurs, the recipient must return the full scholarship to CEA.
    6. Should an individual who has received scholarship monies not participate in the planned use of the scholarship, the recipient must return the full scholarship to CEA.
  1. Scholarship Limits:
    1. Scholarship amounts will be limited to up to $500 per year per recipient. The Awards Committee will determine the amounts of the scholarships. Two international scholarships in the amount of $500 may be awarded per year.
    2. Awards Committee will determine the number of scholarships to be awarded any given year.
    3. Priority will be given to first time applicants.


Complete applications may be sent to the following address:

Correctional Education Association
ATTN: Awards Committee
PO Box 3430
Laurel, MD 20709
              (443) 459-3084          FAX (443) 459-3088


CEA National Secretary (Awards Committee Chair)
Susan Nell
1900 Kenny Road,
Columbus, Ohio 43210
(614) 795-7053/Fax (614) 292-1036


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