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In 1988, the Correctional Education Association introduced the "Standards for Adult and Juvenile Correctional Education Programs."  This was the first set of comprehensive Standards designed to establish a framework for evaluating education programs in correctional settings.  Since 1988, a number of correctional agencies have used the CEA Standards to evaluate their programs and to determine their compliance with the Standards.  The Correctional Education Association has conducted numerous audits for correctional agencies utilizing the Standards and provided consultation to others who chose to perform their own internal reviews.  During the years the CEA Standards have been in effect, suggestions for updates and improvements have been made by auditors and practitioners.  In 1996, a revision process was implemented that updated and refined many of the Standards.  This work culminated in a set of Standards that was approved by the Correctional Education Association Executive Board at the November 1997 meeting.  In 2002, the CEA Executive Board established the Standards Commission to administer the Correctional Education Association’s accreditation process and maintained the Standards.  The Commission has continued the work begun by the original Standards Committee. 

In 2003, the Commission began updating and editing the Standards and formulating two additional versions appropriate to juvenile institutions and jails and detention centers.  In 2004, the Commission issued the following versions of the Standards:

  • Performance Standards for Correctional Education Programs in Adult Institutions, July 2004
  • Performance Standards for Correctional Education Programs in Juvenile Institutions, October 2004
  • Performance Standards for Correctional Education Programs in Jails and Detention Centers, October 2004

The 2004 versions of the Standards continue the ongoing process associated with maintaining current and effective Standards applicable to contemporary correctional education practices.

For more information and examples of the CEA Performance Standards, download the publication.
CEA Performance Standards for Correctional Education:  Background & Example Standards (PDF)

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