Introduction Accreditation Institutions Commission Auditors Feedback
Marana Community Corr Treatment Facility Marana AZ USA 6/30/2005
Juvenile Justice Center School Mt. Clemons MI USA 6/30/2007
Foothills Correctional Institution Morganton NC USA 6/30/2005
Western Youth Institution Morganton NC USA 6/30/2005
Austin H. MacCormick Island Academy New York NY USA 6/30/2008
Horizon Academy New York NY USA 6/30/2008
Lake Erie Correctional Center Conneaut OH USA 6/30/2008
North Coast CTF Grafton OH USA 12/30/2006
Lawton Correctional Facility Lawton OK USA 3/31/2006
Central North CTF Penetanguishene Ontario Canada 12/30/2006
Allentown Secure Treatment Unit Allentown PA USA 6/30/2006
Cresson Secure Treatment Unit Cresson PA USA 6/30/2006
Danville Ctr for Adolescent Females Danville PA USA 6/30/2006
Loysville Youth Development Center Loysville PA USA 6/30/2006
New Castle Youth Development Center New Castle PA USA 6/30/2006
North Central Secure Treatment Unit Danville PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Albion Albion PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Cambridge Springs Cambridge Springs PA USA 6/30/2007
SCI-Camp HIll Camp Hill PA USA 6/30/2007
SCI-Chester Chester PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Coal Township Coal Township PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Cresson Cresson PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Dallas Dallas PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Frackville Frackville PA USA 6/30/2007
SCI-Graterford Graterford PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Greene Waynesburg PA USA 6/30/2007
SCI-Greensburg Greensburg PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Houtzdale Houtzdale PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Huntingdon Huntingdon PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Laurel Highlands Someret PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Mahanoy Frackville PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Mercer Mercer PA USA 6/30/2007
SCI-Muncy Muncy PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Pine Grove Indiana PA USA 6/30/2006
SCI-Retreat Hunlock Creek PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Rockview Bellefonte PA USA 6/30/2008
SCI-Smithfield Huntingdon PA USA 6/30/2007
SCI-Somerset Someret PA USA 6/30/2007
SCI-Waymart Waymart PA USA 6/30/2007
South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit South Mountain PA USA 6/30/2006
South West Secure Treatment Unit Torrance PA USA 6/30/2006
Weaversville Intensive Treatment Unit Northampton PA USA 6/30/2006
Youth Forestry Camp #2 White Haven PA USA 6/30/2006
Youth Forestry Camp #3 James Creek PA USA 6/30/2006
Borallon Correctional Centre Ipswich Queensland Australia 12/31/2007
Rhode Island Training School Cranston RI USA 6/30/2007
Billy Moore Correctional Center (no link available) Overton TX USA 6/30/2006
Bradshaw State Jail (no link available) Henderson TX USA 6/30/2006
Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility Post TX USA 6/30/2006
Harris County Sheriff's Office Houston TX USA 6/30/2007
Anthony Correctional Center White Sulpher Springs WV USA 6/30/2006
Davis Center School Davis WV USA 6/30/2006
Denmar Correctional Center Hillsboro WV USA 6/30/2008
Huttonsville Correctional Center Huttonsville WV USA 6/30/2007
Lakin Correctional Facility for WomenWest ColumbiaWVUSA 6/30/2008
Mt. Olive Correctional Complex Mt. Olive WV USA 6/30/2007
Northern Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Moundsville WV USA 6/30/2007
St. Marys Correctional Center St. Mary’s WV USA 6/30/2008
WV Industrial Home for Youth Industrial WV USA 6/30/2006



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